Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am no different from a bath soap, juggled by two hands each one mimicking my duty and responsibility, and in the process of cleansing losing its existence.

All Rights Reserved: Roshan Upadhyay

Friday, August 12, 2011


Dilemma can be defined as the state where a person who is chewing beetle-nut for the first time is confused of what to cherish and what to spit.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remove from Friends

It was a good, eventful day today. Had a great project orientation for my students and later had positive conversation in my past college where I did my graduation, regarding my association as visiting faculty there. During the day I finalized a deal for the furnishing of my office for my new venture. I was in a good mood. In the evening, some silly comments from one of my facebook connections did break my heart. Seriously, I was not expecting that the person I am referring to, will have so mean sense of perception and complete confidence on his tunnel vision.

I instantly removed the facebook connection. I don’t know if this was right or wrong to remove, with the option to hide that connection was available. But I could not tolerate the statements that were deviated and out of context. Justifying things to that connection was like banging your head on the wall. When logic fails, you can do nothing. I am feeling pity, not for what the connection has done to our relation, but for what he has done to tarnish his self respect. I tried a lot to maintain his self respect by reasoned commenting, to make that connection understand and perceive to the right context. But it was all in vain. “I am always right” attitude can’t be helped, is what I concluded.

I have won lot many friends, with whom I have argued. It was not always that I was the winner in the argument, but then I was justified with the discussion of my counterpart in the argument. Positive thoughts are always encouraged, but when someone is mistaken with “what I speak is always positive” is not entertaining. I know that the connection that I am referring to has never experienced what failure is, and everything that came on the way was taken as success. I do not doubt the connections capability for success, but without failure person lacks experience. These days I sensed some kind of dissatisfaction in that connection. I know that the normalcy of the connections life is disrupted for whole lot of other reasons, the connection is becoming so insensible, and so engrossed in evasive mumbling that the person is unaware of what issue is on the floor.

My disrespect is never respect for me, but someone loves to dislodge their self respect, in the process of defending their argument lacking insightfulness. Hence I removed the connection from my facebook thread. It’s about 4 hours now, and I think I did well by removing the connection to keep things intact within my conscience. I look forward to good of this connection, for prosperity, for gaining whole lot of insightfulness to his actions, good or bad. Happiness to him always.